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Thursday 28th January

MORNING TASK - Arithmetics


Spr5.4.5 - Improper fractions to mixed numbers (Fix)



First do your activating prior knowledge task:

Today you are going to plan your writing! 


This will follow the structure of the writing that you annotated yesterday and will be 1st person (I, me, we etc) and past tense (because it has already happened). You will need to imagine that you have experienced an earthquake while you were at home one day (or night).  The first paragraph will explain what you were doing when you first realised there was an earthquake, the second will be what happens and what you feel during the quake, and the third will be what it is like when it is all over. 


As before, try to add as much detail to your plan as possible as it will help you in your writing. There is an example below for you to get ideas from.