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Thursday 28th January

Good morning Year 3! We hope you have a great day and aim high! 



To start with,  please complete the next 'quick read' task below. This is meant to be a quick read so try and spend no more than 2 minutes reading the text then spend around 5 minutes answering the questions. Remember you can underline anything you need in the text to help you answer (answers will be on tomorrow).

Answers will be on tomorrow.


Start your maths lesson by marking yesterdays arithmetic page. 


Today, we are learning about scaling numbers. This will require to use your times table knowledge. Follow the lesson slides below and watch the video when prompted.

Thursday Maths.mp4

Still image for this video


Start today's lesson by completing the next sheet for either your word detectives or spelling work. If anyone is still unsure about this then please contact school or email year 3.

Before you start with today's learning, please take some time to mark yesterday's work.

Now you've magpied lots of great sentence starters, vocabulary and speech we are ready to start planning our own version of Stone Soup inspired by all our reading. Today we will be planning the setting. Firstly, have a go at the recap which is linked to yesterday's learning, then follow the instructions on the worksheet to collect ideas for your setting.


Spend 10 minutes reading and 10 minutes on TTRS before this afternoon's lesson.


Finishing off

This afternoon we are giving you some time to go back and complete anything you haven't had chance to finish. For example;


  • DT- looking at the features of different recipes (25th Jan)
  • Literacy-any stone soup work. 
  • Anything else you need to finish.


If you have finished all these things feel free to choose one of these activities below. 

  • Book Review- choose one of the templates to fill in a review about your book. 
  • TTRS 
  • Practice your typing skills on this bitesize game
  • Complete one of your reading challenges (can be found in the back of your diary)
  • Listen to an Ebook
  • Have a go at some yoga!