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Thursday 28th January

Morning task

This morning, log onto your Times Table Rockstars for 10 minutes. 


Today we are going to be revisiting multiplying fractions. This is a revision lesson but if you need to, watch the video below to remind yourself how to multiply fractions.

Follow the slides, where there are plenty of examples. 

Multiply fractions by fractions ORANGE

Please ignore the 'Get Ready' questions for now, which are multiplying fractions by a whole number. This is green on our success criteria. This video is related to the orange questions.

Multiply fractions by integers (whole numbers) Green


This morning, read the chapter which focuses on Miss Honey's cottage. Spend time reading the extract below first then answer the comprehension questions. 

Check your answers once you have finished. 


This afternoon, your Commando Joe session is a scavenger hunt! This will be increasing your physical health as well as developing your resilience, excellence, self-awareness and positivity.




Spend 20 minutes reading your own book or First News. Make sure you write it as one of your 3 reads in your diary.