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Thursday 2nd December



Good morning Year 4! In maths today we will be looking at dividing a number by 1 and itself.  Please give yourself time to watch the video and use the resources provided to help you answer the questions on the White Rose worksheets. If you fancy taking on a challenge, why not have a go at the mastery worksheets too. 



Aut4.11.1 - Divide by 1 and itself.mp4

Still image for this video



In Literacy today, we will be using our editing skills to up level our writing from this week. Please use the attached success criteria to underline key features we would of liked you to include within your writing, make sure you give each feature a different colour so that you know areas to work on with your editing. Once you have a colour for each and they are underlined, we would like you to go back through your work and add any features you don't feel like you have included enough or at all. This is also a good time to get your dictionary out and check for any spelling errors too. 



In science today, we will be looking at how digestion works and the processes that take place within the digestive system. Firstly, watch the videos attached to give you some background knowledge on how the digestive system works (these will also help with your activity so make sure to keep them on hand!) Once you have watched the videos, you will need to use the attached sheet to create a storyboard on what happens as food travels through the digestive system. Feel free to write some notes underneath to help explain your diagrams/drawings.