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Thursday 2nd December


As usual, please start the day by spending some time reading your chosen text (for at least 20 minutes). Then, spend some time practicing your times tables on TTRS - have you received a Rock Star status yet? Have a look on your account to see how you can get this. 



Start your maths work by checking your answers to yesterday's multiplication lesson. 

As before, start today's numeracy lesson by completing the 'Flashback 4' as your reactivating prior knowledge task - how much have you remembered? Then, we would like you to complete a lesson on the dividing by 2. Watch the video, pausing it to solve the questions on the screen, then complete the questions on the worksheet. 

Aut3.10.3 - Divide by 2.mp4

Still image for this video


Have a go at this reasoning question - explain your answer in full. 


Have a go at this grammar assessment - the questions are all based on learning we have done in class. Give it a good go, then mark it in purple pen using the answer sheet at the back.