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Thursday 4th February

Morning task

Arithmetic - adding decimal numbers.

Use the written method to add the decimals together. Give your self 15 minutes to get as many questions as you can completed. Then mark your answers. 


Today, we are calculating fractions of amounts. We have covered this in school already, but if you're not sure on how to do this, watch the videos. 


You don't need to complete all the questions - do like we would in school, try 6 to 8 questions and if you get them right, move on. 


There is no purple task today as we would like you to be confident with the orange and green questions. Try some of the trickier green questions for a challenge. 

Aut6.12.3 - Fractions of an amount


This morning, re-read the text below. Then answer the comprehension questions. Mark your answers once finished.


This afternoon's activity focuses on your physical health. Mission Name: Sporting Heroes. You will be putting yourselves in the shoes of your favourite sports personalities and doing what makes them great!


Spend 20 minutes reading your reading book or First News. Remember to record it in your reading diary.