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Thursday 4th March

Morning all! Happy world book day!


Have a go at this quiz for world book day smiley

Start this morning with the next quick read. Remember this is a quick activity. Try to read the text in about 2 minutes and then quickly answer the questions using your skimming and scanning skills.

Please mark your arithmetic from yesterday.

This morning, we have another recap lesson today which focuses on the four operations (+ - x ÷). Click on the slides below to have a go at the activities. Yesterday's answers can be found at the beginning so please mark your work from yesterday first. 


Start by completing the usual spelling activity.

Before starting the main part of the lesson it is time to get caught up on some marking of the past few days.

Today you will be deepening your understanding of alliteration. Click on the links below for the WALT, success criteria and recap task.


Now click on the link below to watch a quick BBC video about alliteration. Have a go at the quiz at the bottom of the page too!
Ok, now get warmed up by writing some alliteration to match the pictures on the sheet below.
Ok, lets now back this learning a little more relevant. Click on the sheet below. On there you will find some exciting places to visit in Norfolk. Using alliteration you are going to make them sound even more exciting.


Start this afternoon by thinking about this question:


If you could be any character in a book, who would you be and why?


This afternoon we are continuing to learn about the region of East Anglia. This lesson, we will be looking at wind turbines and offshore windfarms in East Anglia. 


Next week we will be watching a live, virtual lesson, presented by a military engineer all about renewable energy so please make sure you have completed this lesson so we have some knowledge ready for next week's session! 


We will also be making windmills in our DT lessons when you are back so this lesson will give you some useful information.

Go through the lesson and have a go at the activity

What is renewable energy?

Scotland wind farm

The LEGO® Group Helps Power Renewable Electricity

The wind farm we invested in now generates power, moving us closer to being 100% renewable by 2020.Learn more here

Running a wind farm(The London Array)