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Thursday 4th March

Morning task

Complete your TTRS games this morning. Spend 10 minutes making sure all your sessions are complete. 


Interpret pictograms

Once you have finished those tasks, have a go at the SATS style data questions below. Some of these are related to pictograms and some questions are linked to bar charts (we will look more in detail at this tomorrow). 


Today we are going to be writing a paragraph about Henry Ford's early career. Use the notes from yesterday to help you. 

Use this help sheet to write your paragraph. You can either use some of the ideas and write your own (like we would in class) or you can complete the sentences. 


In this lesson we are continuing our work on budgeting. Follow the slides which go through and explain your task today - shopping! Before you complete your task, you will need to read the pages which explain needs and wants. 

At home, your shopping budget is £20. Choose an online shopping website and see if you can complete your shopping list using your budget. 



Move to the Beat Extravaganza



This year's World Book Day theme is 'Share a Story'. Why not share a story with someone at home? Perhaps you could read to them and ask them to read back to you. Or you could arrange to speak to a friend/family member on video call and read to each other (please check with your parents first). 


You could also have a go at these activities

Happy World Book Day 2021 from Sophie Anderson

World Book Day 2021: Author & Illustrator Academy: Katherine Rundell

IMAGINE A WILD ADVENTURE with Katherine RundellIf you were to go on an exciting and wild adventure, where would you go?