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Thursday 7th January

Good morning Year 6! For today's morning task, log on to Times Tables Rockstars and complete 10 minutes of games. We will still be awarding credits so try to get to the top of the leader board! Well done to those of you who have already logged on. 


Today, we will be recapping 2D shapes. Try the recap first then have a look at the slides as it goes over all of the key vocabulary that you need to know. 


We'd like EVERYONE to have a go at ALL of these sheets today. Please remember to mark them and then do your corrections if you've got any wrong. These sheets should be easy for you - we are recapping year 3 and 4 work today! 


Today, we will be writing our setting description. Use the plan that you completed yesterday and remember to try and use as many of the success criteria as you can. Have a look at the examples (like we would usually write on the board) to help you. As usual, you can use parts of the sentences...but don't copy all of it! 

We hope that you enjoy writing this setting description - it's one of our favourite writing pieces and we're sad that we won't be able to write it with you!


This afternoon, carry on with your art work from Tuesday. Remember to include lots of facts about Vincent van Gogh as well as some decoration (either pictures or drawings of swirls, stars, flowers etc). 


If you have already finished your piece, you could either research 10 top facts about van Gogh and present them in any way that you'd like. Or you could design a quiz with a few questions - and then ask your siblings or parents the questions and see how they do! 


To finish the day, why not watch this short video of author Stewart Foster reading the start of his book called 'The Perfect Parent Project'. 

Click on the link below to watch. Then, if you want to read on, there is a longer extract below too.