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Thursday 7th October

Happy Thursday! 


Joke of the day


Q) What did one lightning bolt say to the other? A) You're shocking 


I hope you are ready for some fun filled learning from home today! In Literacy we will be researching facts for the next stages of our writing on the water cycle, in Maths we will be continuing with our addition unit and in Geography we will be writing a letter showcasing all our fabulous knowledge from our recent unit of work! 



In Literacy today, we will be starting our independent write plan by researching facts for our introduction and the final two stages of the Water Cycle - Precipitation and Accumulation/Collection. 


Please use the sheets below (labelled FACTS SHEETS) to magpie facts on The Water Cycle to then input on to your plan. Don't forget you will need to include on your plan all those fabulous connectives/FANBOYS to link those sentences together! You will find an example plan (Labelled PLAN EXAMPLE) already completed to give you some idea of what you need to do. You should still have one box on your pan empty and ready to fill it with goodies in tomorrows lesson!



Today in Maths we will be continuing with our addition unit by adding two 3 digit numbers (with exchanging). 


Please watch the video below and attached slides to get a firm understanding of the concept and of what the sheets will be asking you to do. 


After you feel really confident with this, you can start taking on the White Rose sheets. 


If you are feeling like taking on EVEN MORE challenges, why not push yourself and take on the mastery sheets as well! 

Aut4.5.4 - Add two 3-digit numbers - crossing 10 or 100.mp4

Still image for this video



Today in Geography we will be writing a letter to a visitor, outlining all the fabulous things we have learnt about our local area! 


Please follow the PowerPoint below and use the sheets provided to help you.