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Thursday 8th July

The following text is a transmission from Mars, sent as a final message home from a Mission Commander. 

Read it carefully, annotating as you go, and use a dictionary to help you to understand any tricly words. 


Next, ask your own comprehension questions! Think about the types of questions we have at school:


 - retrieval (where the answer is in the text to find directly)

 - questions about language, vocabulary and punctuation 

 - inference (where the answer is not there for you, but you have to read between the lines to work it out) 


Write out some questions of your own. The photo has some ideas of questions that the children came up with at school today, to help you. 




Look through the powerpoint - today you will be combining your coordinate and translation work.  Remember - along the corridor, up the stairs!


Answers are attached to help you check your work.


 Why does the sun appear to move across the sky.

Go through the power point.

Watch the BBC Clip

If you have a globe/ball, torch and blu tac you could try the experiment.

Choose the twinkl sheet- 3 stars Miss Knightbridge's literacy group, 2 stars Ms Glover's literacy group and the one star sheet if you are in Mr Holmes Literacy group.