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Thursday 8th July

Good morning! 

To start with this morning, please spend 10 minutes reading (remember this doesn't just have to be your reading book! You could read a comic or newspaper, recipe book or an information book)



Today, we are going to practice the skills that we learnt yesterday (identifying whether angles are acute or obtuse). Have a go at the questions below.  Where it tells you to use a set square this can just be the corner of a piece of paper. 




After that, have a go at some mastery questions. 


This morning we are going to be learning about apostrophes for plural possession. If you want, you can start by revising learning on apostrophes for singular possession (link 1) before you move on (link 2). 


Spend 10 minutes on TTRS to start with this afternoon.


This afternoon, do some PE with Joe!

PE With Joe 2021 | Monday 8th Feb