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Thursday 8th July

Maths - problem solving

This morning we are going to be revisiting some of the skills we have covered (such as ratio and proportion) whilst solving problems in a real life context. Today, watch the video below which introduces the project and complete activity 1 (scaling recipes - shopping list) and activity 2 (calculation, unit conversions, comparisons and percentages).


White Rose Bakery

Spellings - Homophones

Presenting work - Science Experiment

This afternoon, we are presenting our science experiment (mouldy bread investigation) in neat.

Use the images below to help present your work creatively. You can handwrite it or use a computer (you can also find your own suitable images).Remember to take care - this work will go into your Record of Achievement. 

Art - Monochrome Paper Sculpture

Have a go at the paper sculpture detailed in the Word document below. You will need some plain paper, scissors, glue, some cardboard and a thin, black pen (this works the most effectively).

Send in your creations to