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Thursday 9th December


Please start the day by reading a chosen book, poem, comic or magazine for at least 20 minutes (can you get it signed in your diary by an adult?). Then, spend some time practicing your times tables on TTRS - don't forget this week's homework is to complete 1 studio and 5 garage sessions. 



Today, we would like you to practice addition and subtraction using the column method. Complete all the questions on the sheet and also give the challenge a go. Afterwards, use the answer sheet at the very end to mark your answers - correct any mistakes in purple pen. 


Please have a go at one of the 'Expanding Sentences' worksheets (you don't have to do them all!). Use all our learning from this term to help you edit the given sentence - you could add in an expanded noun phrase, use a simile or even start the sentence with a 3-ed. Be as imaginative and creative as you can! 


Next, we would like you to practice your joined up handwriting. Before you begin, please remember - chair tucked in, paper the right way round, back straight and pencil in a tripod grip. 


On a lined piece of paper, please write out 2 lines of the following letters: 





Circle your best group of letters from each line. Now, have a go at writing this sentence:

Who knows what the weather will be?


Have a go at practising the Year 3/4 common exception words on this website:

You can choose between tricky words or patterns. After playing on this game for a few minutes, have a go at writing the words you have practised on a piece of paper (concentrating on beautiful, joined up handwriting of course!)....did you write them correctly?