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Times Tables

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Why Times Tables?

Times tables are one of the most important and useful things children can learn, as knowing them properly helps them in all their maths understanding.


      "By the end of year 4, pupils should have memorised their multiplication tables up to and    

         including the 12 x 12 multiplication table and show precision and fluency in their work."


      2. Year 5 and 6 "...develop the connections that pupils make between multiplication and division    

                                                    with fractions, decimals, percentage and ratio."


      ~ Department for Education: National curriculum in England: mathematics programmes of study.


    The truth is...they are vital, but not always easy or exciting to learn. The main skill in learning them ismemorising, and so we need to find a way each child enjoys committing these facts to memory,  as it takes time and effort!


The suggested websites below provide a fun way for children at different stages of knowing their times tables to learn them and practise. There are also some suggestions for children who prefer to use pencil and paper...or even singing!


This document has quick links to a range of times tables games on the Internet that have been tried, along with some other ideas to give a go.