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Tues 12th Oct




Read and interpret line graphs

For the next few days, take time to complete an independent write, like we would at school. 


Choose your spooky setting - this can be like the hotel in Room 13, or you can pick somewhere completely different! You are going to use figurative language and short sentences to describe your setting and make it sound really spooky! If you were in school last week, you can use the writing we did together as inspiration. If not, think carefully about how the author made the hotel and corridors of Room 13 sound terrifying! 


Use the checklist to help you - you will need to focus especially on speech and description. 

You can use the planning sheet to help you plan your writing too. 


You are writing: 

 - a spooky description of the setting, at night time 

- your characters getting up in the middle of the night and meeting somewhere

- a short conversation between the characters (why is one of them late? What's the plan? Is anyone scared?)