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Tues 13th July



Look back at all the transmissions we have heard so far (copies are below). 

Pick out any language (words, phrases, sentences) that you would like to steal, like a magpie! Write them down on the 'Magpie' sheet so that you have them ready for when you write your own version of a transmission. Try to give reasons for why you like the word/phrase/sentence that you've chosen. 

eg. terminated - I like this word because it makes it sound final and a bit dramatic. 

Look through the slides then pick the worksheet you think you need most work on - it could be shading squares to make symmetrical shapes, completing symmetrical shapes or the'horizontal' sheet which has a mixture of question types.

Look through the slides to remind yourself about Spanish numbers and planets.  There is some data on planets which you can use to write more detailed descriptions of them.