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Tues 26th Jan

Good morning year 4! Hope you are all safe and have managed to have some fun in the snow over the past few days.


Morning Activity


To start the day off, spend 10 minutes completing arithmetic pg 34 remembering to show your working out. After 10 minutes, use the answers to mark and correct any you have got wrong.


Answers for Monday 25th

Today's first job (if you did not use the answers yesterday) is to go back to the mini assessments from yesterday and mark them. Please then send your scores on an email to the year 4 email address.

Main lesson


Today, we will be starting a new topic on area.


First, write the short date 26.01.21 and the title What is area? Use your ruler to underline both.


Next, have a look at the criteria below and complete your recap and anchor task. Then use the answers to check what you have got right.

Then, watch this video as it will explain to you what area is.

Main Activities

If you are in Miss Groves' or Miss Cameron's group, complete the red/orange/green task. Start on page 1 and move onto page 2.

If you would like to challenge yourself further then have ago at the purple task.


If you are Mrs Bennett's group, Start on page 2 of the red/orange/green task and then move onto the purple task.





For literacy today, we are going to look at the poem 'The Sound Collector' again and answer some comprehension style questions.


First, write the long date Tuesday 26th January 2021 and the title The sound collector comprehension. Use your ruler to underline both.


Next, have a look at the criteria below and complete your recap.



Main Activity


First, you will need to re-read the poem to remind yourself what it is about.

Now, look at the comprehension questions below. Remember to use your text marking to first find the answers to the questions.


Once you have found the answers, you need to write the answers to the questions. You do not need to write the questions out, but you will need to answer them in full sentences just like we normally do at school.


We will be posting the answers to the questions in order for you to be able to mark them on Wednesday's learning.

Afternoon Subjects


Design Technology


Today you are going to start to make your aqueduct. To begin with read the success criteria below and complete the activating prior knowledge task.




Look at your aqueduct plan from last week and remind yourself of your design. Remember, water needs to be able to flow through your aqueduct, so it will need to have waterproof elements and it will need to be built with a slight slant in the tunnel to allow to happen. You can adapt your designs if your find that your plan needs changing as you go. That is all part of the design process.


You have two weeks to complete this lesson, today and one afternoon next week. 


Remember to complete your project on a flat, safe surface. Take care when using scissors and ask an adult for help if you are unsure about anything.