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Tues 2nd March

Good morning year 4! It's Tuesday, here is another fun filled day of activities.


Morning Activity


To start the day off, spend 10 minutes completing arithmetic pg 53. After 10 minutes, use the answers to mark and correct any you have got wrong.


Lesson starter

Start today's lesson by completing the next sheet for either your Word Detectives or Spelling work. If anyone is still unsure about this then please contact school or email year 4.

Main Lesson


Today, we are going to be looking at the gist for the first five pages of the story. This is a continuing lesson from yesterday, so you may want to remind yourself of the criteria from yesterday.


First, write the long date Tuesday 2nd March 2021 and the title The gist pages 1-5. Use your ruler to underline both.


Next, everything you need for this lesson is on the powerpoint below. Again, work your way through the slides and complete the activities it asks you to do. Remember when we summarise the gist we aim for 1-2 sentences.


Answers for Monday 01.03.21

Today's first job is to go back to the work you completed on Monday and use the answers below to mark. Please complete any corrections for the ones you have got wrong.


Main Lesson


Today, we will be subtracting fractions from whole amounts.


First, write the short date 02.03.21 and the title Subtracting fractions from whole amounts. Use your ruler to underline both.


Next, have a look at the criteria below and complete the recap and anchor task. Use the answers to see how you have done.


Finally, watch the video below as this will explain how to subtract fractions from wholes.

Main lesson Activities


If you are in Miss Groves' or Miss Cameron's group, complete the red/orange task and if you feel confident with that then complete the green task. 

If you would like to challenge yourself further, then have ago at the purple task.


If you are in Mrs Bennett's group, complete the green task and then move onto the purple task. If you are unsure, then you may need to go back and complete the red/orange task first.

Afternoon subject



This half term, we are going to be studying an artist called Georgia O'Keeffe. We will be looking at how she sketched flowers and skulls and trying to work in the same style as her.


Today, we would like you to find out a bit about Georgia O'Keeffe and create an artist study. This would be what we would normally do on the first 2 pages in our sketch books if you were in school. 


First, have a look at the documents below that shares some information about who Georgia O'Keeffe was and also gives you an idea of some of the work she created.

Next, what we would like you to do is create a double page spread (A3 in size- this could be 2 a4 sheets stuck together) about who she was. 


Things to think about include:

Who are they and what did they do?

What time period were they around?

What media did they create?

What key colours did they use in their work?

Use the specific examples of the work and share your thoughts on them. Do you like them or don't you like them? Why?

Questions you want to ask


You can present this information on the double page spread however you would like as long as it is neat and presentable. We would ask that if you could do this on separate paper instead of in your books this would be great, as we would like to stick these into your art books when you return to help start this new topic off.