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Tues 7th September

Good Morning!

Please spend the first 10 minutes this morning reading. Then have a go at this arithmetic page (answers tomorrow).



Yesterday we read a new text called 'A River' by Marc Martin. Listen to the story being told in the video below. 

A River - Marc Martin

Now, using the copy of the same text below, have a go at answering some comprehension questions. We have given you some sentence starters for the first few questions to help you get started.  


This morning, we will be recapping numbers up to 1000 and using our place value knowledge. You can either watch the video or go through the lesson slides below. When you have gone through the learning, have a go at the worksheet (answers to follow tomorrow).

Aut4.1.1 - Numbers to 1000.mp4

Still image for this video




This term, we will be doing some sculptures in the style of David Umemoto. We want you to think like an artist and begin the first stage of our art cycle which is completing an artist study. To start with go through the powerpoint below about David.

Now read through the information below and now look through some pictures. If you read any words that you don't know the meaning of try and use an online dictionary to help use understand. 

Now, using the information from the slides, the texts and the pictures we would like you to create an information poster about David Umemoto. Think back to previous artist studies we've done such as Renoir and Goldsworthy. We included things like where they are from, what inspired them, how they create their pieces. Try and make it interesting and colourful!