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Tuesday 12th January 2021


NUMERACY - 3 x 2 digit long multiplication

Today we are carrying on with long multiplication.

Have a go at the recap and anchor task first.

As before, you can use the grid method to help you make sure you are accurate with your long multiplication.  If you are unsure, you can just use the grid method until you feel confident.


The tasks and answers are below.  If you look on the slides you can see which questions match the different parts of the success criteria.  You do not have to do all of them - start where you feel you can and if you do 4 or 5 correctly you can move on.

Spr5.2.2 - Multiply 3-digits by 2-digits



This sheet has your Writing Checklist and Activating Prior Knowledge task on. Do the task on semi-colons, then check your answers. Print the sheet if you can and stick it into your book, as you will need to use the checklist before, during and after your writing...don't lose it! 

Now it's time to write! 


Read your writing checklist carefully - this is everything off your plan that you need to include as you write. Use the checklist as you write so you know what to think about including. Remember to use your plan - if you take a look at my examples, you will see that I have just lifted sentences straight from my plan into my writing. Use the example as guidance, but please don't just copy it! 


As you write, make sure you go through your writing regularly to check it makes sense and that you have punctuation in the correct places. Use the checklist every now and then  - tick things off as you go so you know that you have included them. Read your writing out-loud to someone else so they can hear if it make sense (and hear how fab it is!). 


We will be continuing with the writing tomorrow, so take your time over this to make sure it is the best it can be - you have plenty of time :) 


Hi Y5, Please click on the link below to work through your lesson.


Make sure that you play the voice clips so you can hear my instructions, and if you're able to, please download and print this sheet below to use for the next 5 weeks. Choose the level you think is best for you. Any questions or problems, just ask your grown up to email me!


I look forward to seeing and hearing some of your work over the next few weeks! - You can always take pictures of your worksheet or record yourself singing! Ms. Howes smiley