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Tuesday 12th January

Morning task

Have a go at all of these little activities. 



First set your book up like this.

Then have a go at the recap
Next, watch this video which will teach you what to do. If you are a bit unsure when having a go at the tasks, watch the video again. 

Percentage of an amount

Percentage of an amount (2)

Have a go at these tasks. It will be best if you start with the red criteria and then move onto orange. 


We will be completing green and purple tomorrow. 


Today, we will be planning an alien description. Click on your group's page for your tasks.

Art - please email us this piece of work as well as last week's art piece.

For art today, we will be annotating 3 pieces of Van Gogh's art work. Use the links below to help you with this and have a look at the example piece too. 


If you cannot print anything at home, you can either do this on the computer and copy and paste the image into the middle of a word document and then write around it. Or you can bullet point your annotations on a sheet of paper without sticking the picture on. 


We would like you to either take a picture of your work, or attach it as a document, and email it to us. We will Marvellous Me the email address to you as a reminder. 

Here is what your work should look like


For your reading time today, listen to Robin Stevens reading the an extract of her book 'Murder Most Unladylike'. Let me know if you like it and I'll try and get a copy for us in the class. 

Puffin Storytime | Murder Most Unladylike | Robin Stevens