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Tuesday 13th December

Good morning Year 6! 

Have a go at everything here and bring it in to school with you when we return. You don't need to print anything, just write it on paper. 


Today, we will be recapping decimals. 

Have a look at the slides and try the questions that are on there. 

Then try the fluency worksheet, and mark it.

Year 6 Spring Block 3 TS1 Place value within 1


Complete the reading comprehension about Christmas traditions. Start with the 2 star questions, but if it's too difficult, try the 1 star. If you fancy a challenge, try the 3 star! 

Make sure you check exactly what the question is asking and include evidence from the text (quotes) to support your answers.

We'll mark this when you are back in school.


Also, complete a reading challenge from the back of your diary. Make sure you get this signed off by an adult.


Make sure your DAaRT project is completed. It is due in tomorrow (or when we return to school). Include lots of facts about what you have learned and make sure it is presented to a high quality. 


Here is a reminder of the expectations: