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Tuesday 13th December

Good morning! We hope you are nice and warm! Start the morning getting comfy and enjoy reading your book. Don't forget to write it in your diary.



So today we would like you to practise all the addition and subtraction skills that you have been learning. Let's start with a Flashback 4:


For each of these questions, write down the formal method. Think - is it addition or subtraction? Will you need to exchange or not?


Next, we would like you to work through the questions on this Year 3 grammar assessment - please give it a good go! The questions are based on things we have learnt about in class.  


Please read through 'Twas the night before Christmas (you have been given the poem as homework, but the poem is attached below as well!) - practice reading it fluently. Use intonation and expression and think about where you would have a pause! Be performance ready for when we are back at school! 


Practice the Spanish colours - think about your pronunciation and the actions! Challenge: Can you start to create a short conversation around colours? Then, complete this activity sheet - you can use your school diary to help you.