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Tuesday 13th December

Good Morning Year 4!

To start with this morning please spend 10 minutes reading your reading book (Don't forget to get it signed in your diary).



For literacy this morning, we are going to be recapping subordinate clauses (complex sentences). Click on the link below and go through the lesson.



Start your maths lesson by spending 10 minutes on TTRS.


For today's lesson we will be recapping using the inverse to check our answers. Look through the slides below ( you have seen these before) and then have a go at the worksheet (the answers are below). 


Have a look through the lesson slides below. When you've finished have a go at the comparison activity below using a Venn diagram. You can either choose to compare 2 times periods (Stone Age and Iron Age) or challenge yourself to compare all 2 time periods we've looked at (Stone Age, Iron Age, Bronze Age).