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Tuesday 13th July

Good morning year 4! We hope you are all well and staying safe. We will place this weeks home learning on here for you to complete.


Morning Activity

To start the day off, spend 10 minutes completing pg 116 showing all your working out. After 10 minutes, use the answers to mark and correct any you have got wrong.



Today, we will be drawing on a grid (plotting coordinates).


First, write the date 13.07.21 and the title Drawing on a grid. Use a ruler to underline both.


Next, have a look at the slides for the criteria for the lesson and complete your recap.


Finally, work your way through the slides (these are the ones that we normally use in our maths lessons, so you should be confident with the layout). Remember to take in the teaching points that are given to you. We have also added the whiterose video for extra guidance if you need to watch this.


Main lesson Activities


Once you are happy and have looked over the slides, you then need to complete the whiterose sheets below. If you would like to challenge yourself further, then have ago at the challenge sheets after.



Once you have completed your sheets, use the answers below to mark them and correct any that you may have got wrong.




Today, we will continue looking at our evacuee letters.


First, write the long date Tuesday 13th July 2021 and the title SPAG- re-drafting a piece of writing Use your ruler to underline both.


Next, have a look at the S/C below and complete your recap.

Main lesson


We are going to re-look at the letter from Raymond that we started to look at on Thursday last week. As Raymond is only five, there are many errors in his letter to mum and dad. If we were to rewrite this letter correctly, how might it look?


Your task is to imagine that Raymond has shown you his letter  and wants you to help him. You need to rewrite the letter, so that the correct punctuation and spelling is in place. Use the S/C as a checklist of things you should make sure you have included.







Afternoon Subject



Start by writing today's long date Tuesday 13th July 2021 and the title Brecon Beacons. Use your ruler to underline both.


Next, look through the powerpoint on Brecon Beacons.

Then, look at the powerpoint below. Please find your success criteria and instructions for the tasks to complete.

End of day activity


Use the last 15 minutes of the day to read your school reading book. Remember to evidence this in your diary.