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Tuesday 14th December

Good morning!

As usual, please start the day by spending some time reading a chosen text for at least 20 minutes - please ask an adult to sign for this in your diary. Then, spend some time practicing your times tables on TTRS - the new garage and studio homework sessions are live, have you completed these?



Start your maths work by checking your answers to yesterday's 'Check Answers' lesson.

As before, start today's numeracy lesson by completing the 'Flashback 4' as your reactivating prior knowledge task - how much have you remembered? Then, we would like you to complete a lesson on 'estimating to check answers'. Watch the video, pausing it to solve the questions on the screen, then complete the questions on the worksheet. 

Aut3.8.3 - Estimate answers to calculations.mp4

Still image for this video


We would like you to spend a bit of time practising the Year 3/4 common exception words using this online game today:


Can you remember what fronted adverbials are? Where will they be found in a sentence? Why do we use them? 


To refresh your memory on fronted adverbials, please watch this short video and have a go at the quizzes at the end:


Today, we would like you to write some of your own fronted adverbials. Use the worksheets provided to complete the sentences already given, then create your own sentences which must all start with a fronted adverbial. Use the word mat to help you! 


Next, we would like you to practice your joined up handwriting. Before you begin, please remember - chair tucked in, paper the right way round, back straight and pencil in a tripod grip. 


On a lined piece of paper, please write out the days of the week and then the months of the year