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Tuesday 14th September

Aut5.3.1 - Compare and order to 1000000



You will soon be writing your own version of The Highwayman, but as a story! Today is time to plan your writing first - use the template below to think about the types of language you can use. Think about the figurative language you found in the text and write your own examples. 


The middle section of the arrow is for planning your story - we will be writing from the start of the poem (describing the weather and the moor), the Highwayman arriving at the inn on his horse and Bess coming to the window to great him. Think about ideas for words and phrases that you can use for your piece of writing and add them to the planning sheet. 



Have a look at the pdf on retail (shops) in Chilwell and the local area and complete the activities using the sheets. Think about the types of shop you might visit too - where do you go to buy different things?