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Tuesday 14th


For the next two days we are learning how to do long multiplication, which you began doing in year 5. Today is a recap - very useful and important!

Watch the video as many times as you like.

Mark you answers every few questions - and remember that this work is to do over two days.


(There is a different video tomorrow and some more questions to try.)






Today, we will be writing our setting description. Use your plan from yesterday to write yours. Also, have a look at my example below - you can swap some sentence starters for some of your own, or use my sentence starters and change the ending of the sentence. Please don't copy it all. 

Definitely try to replace my expanded noun phrases (in blue text) for your own. 

Here's the Success Criteria for today.


Today, we are going to be learning how to say 'I do...' and 'I play...' in Spanish. 

Have a look through the slides to see how to do this. 

Then have a go at the worksheet.