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Tuesday 19th January

Happy Tuesday

Hope you are all ok, and ready for another day.  We would like you to start your morning marking yesterday's arithmetic sums.


Well done, now do 10 minutes reading. As we've said before you can read all sorts of texts.


Now have a look at the morning challenge. Only spend about 10 minutes on this.



Today we are looking at comparing different statements. Follow the lesson below. smiley





Spr3.1.2 - Comparing statements.mp4

Still image for this video

Literacy lesson

Start todays lesson by carrying on with the next sheet for either your word detectives work or spelling work (Just a reminder, if you received a MME / you were asked to collect the word detectives workbook from school then you should be following the word detectives work. Otherwise you should be following the spelling work).


We really hope that you enjoyed listening to the second version of Stone Soup yesterday. Today you will be enjoying yet another version and completing a comprehension task. So click the link below and enjoy listening to the story. Then look at the questions and give it a go. You may need to listen to the story several times.


Nail Soup by Eric Maddern.


First complete a 10 minute read.




Have a look through the slides below. Read the information carefully then complete the activities when prompted. 
Please ask your grown ups to send in a picture of  any work you have completed in science.