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Tuesday 19th January

Morning work

Today we are going to continue our revision of negative numbers. Set your page up with the title Negative Numbers and complete the recap.

When you have done this, you can watch the videos from yesterday again if you like, then you can work through the tasks:

Tuesday PURPLE extension task. Choose one - only for if you finished the extension easily.

As with the purple challenge yesterday, there are no set answers, as the investigations are more open ended. Your setting out and working a what is important!


For our lesson 3 of 'Think like an artist' we are going to be experimenting in the style of Vincent van Gogh. By now, you should know a little bit about him and explored some of his art work. We are now going to be focussing on Starry Night. Today, we would like you to use a range of media (crayons, pencils, felt tips, paints - anything you can find at home) to experiment with.

Follow the slides and have a look at the example below.