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Tuesday 1st March

Good morning, hope you are feeling good and ready to work!

So, start off the morning, with reading for 10 minutes. Remember there are all sorts of things that you could read, from recipe books to cereal packs. Jot down what you have read in your reading diary.

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Literacy -

Spelling task - Have a go at this quick task. Say the words out loud to help you hear the sound.














Reading lesson

This morning in reading, we will be carrying on from the work you did in book talk last week with Mrs Fowler and Mrs Nicholson. You will remember, you read a billboard about Abdul Kazam. Have a look at the text and have a go at reading it out loud. Think about which parts will be louder than others to attract attention and build up the atmosphere.


Look at the success criteria and teaching slides below. Have a go at the activating prior knowledge and answer the questions that are on the knowledge notes, like we would do in class.

Literacy - Writing Task














Watch the PowerPoint presentation and follow the tasks


Today in numeracy, we are starting a new unit on Statistics. 

Follow the lesson below and have a go at the maths White Rose sheets.


Spr3.5.4 - Make tally charts

This is "Spr3.5.4 - Make tally charts" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


Start the afternoon, completing some of your Times Table Rockstar games.


In art last week, we studied different marks you could make with a sharp and dull pencil, along with a few other techniques. Unfortunately at home, you will not have the variety of pencils we have at school so, instead I would like you to experiment making different marks like in the image below.


Bring this into school so you can use these ideas next lesson.