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Tuesday 1st March



Watch the slides below and complete the tasks attached.


This week, we will be carrying on with planning and writing our 'Escape From Pompeii' story that we started last week. 

Below, you will find the planning grid that we started filling in, you will need this all week but today we will be focusing on the second column. 

Follow the slides below to find out what you need to fill in and write.  

Design Technology

Today in class we are going to be tasting different ingredients to see which toppings we would like on our pizzas when we design them next week. Watch the slides and look at the ingredients on the sheet. Have a go at tasting any that you have in at home. Don't worry if you are unable to taste some of them. Either substitute them for another ingredient that you have in the house or leave that column blank.

Class reader

Listen to the next chapter of our class reader Varjak Paw.

Year 4: Varjak Paw Chapter 4