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NUMERACY - Equivalent Fractions

Today we will be recapping Equivalent Fractions.

To begin with, have a go at the recap.

Equivalent Fractions

Now watch the video to remind yourself how to find equivalent fractions.  

Look through the slides, then pick which sheet to start on.


Remember - whatever you do to the numerator, do the same to the denominator (and vice-versa).

This week's work is a little different to before! 


You will need to the following document for the whole week - it has all the WALTs, APKs and instructions that you will need for this week's work. Work your way through each day (the date is on the page to tell you which part is for which day). 

The texts and other documents you need will be on the relevant day's page. 

This is the first week of our new writing cycle, so the format of the week should be familiar. 


Hope that makes sense! 

Today we are starting our next RE unit.    This week you will be looking at things you have control over in your life and potential plans for the future.