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These are the spellings you will be tested on when you come back on Monday 8th March.  Please make sure you spend time learning them.














NUMERACY - Multiply non-unit

Today we will be multiplying non-unit fractions.


First do your recap and then watch the video.

Spr5.8.4 - Multiply non-unit fractions by an integer

Look through the slides and then pick your starting point. There are answers attached.



First, your activating prior knowledge task:

Today you are going to write a version of the King Arthur text! 


First, go over your plan to remind yourself of what you want to include. Remember that this piece of writing is going to be from Kay's point of view, so all the first person thoughts and feelings will be about Kay. The speech that you write will be EXACTLY THE SAME as what is in the text (you don't have to include it all) and the order of events that happen will be EXACTLY THE SAME, just from Kay's point of view. 


Take a look at the Success Criteria on your WALT & APK to make sure you know what to include in your writing. There is an example below to read through to see how to change the point of view into Kay's - use this to help you as you go along (but please don't just copy it!)


You have the rest of the week to finish and edit this writing, so take your time and don't rush it! 



Hi Year 5!


I hope you all had a good half term break and are looking forward to being back next week – we’re really looking forward to seeing you all!  smiley Today’s music lesson is a one off Oak Academy lesson, as I’m keen for us all to start our new topic altogether next week in music. You might recognise the first body percussion activity - 'Give me 1' ...or 'Break 1' as we know it! I look forward to seeing who manages to master the 'Pat, click clap groove' too - I'll be testing you next week! You' need a plastic cup if possible for some of the activities.


I've put the link to the next lesson in this series too if you fancy a bit more of a challenge!


Have fun and I’ll see you next week to hear how you got on!


Ms Howes laugh