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Tuesday 20th July


Please can you start today with a 10 minute read and make a note of what you have read in your diary.


Now have a  go at the morning challenge. Click on the link, which will send you to today's tasks.  


Today we will be starting a new unit about poetry, which is linked to our Viking unit of work we have just completed.  Read the information and the poem below and answer the questions.



Today, we are carrying on with our learning about mass. Watch the video below, then have a go at the worksheet. Remember there are 1000g in 1kg!


Sum3.9.4 - Measure mass (2).mp4

Still image for this video


Start the afternoon by completing this word wheel task.

Email your answers to the year group email address.



In RE, we are investigating 'How can Brahman be in everything and everywhere?' 

Below is a copy of the lesson resources that you used when we studied a collection of the Hindu deities. For today, we would like you to use the cube template, or just complete on a piece of paper if this is not possible, to draw two of the gods we studied (or research another). Then get your creative thinking caps on and design your very own God. Think about a name for your God and what it represents. For example: Design a God of friendship, kindness, environment, Big Five etc.