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Tuesday 23rd February

Good morning everyone.

We really hope you enjoyed your half term break and are ready for this half terms learning!

Start this morning with a new activity to set your imaginations running wild! Spend about 10 minutes on this task. 



Today we are starting a new topic about statistics. Please follow the lesson slides below and have a go at the activity when prompted. 


Start this lesson with your next word detectives or spelling activity.

We will start off, this half term,  practising our comprehension skills, whilst also learning about an artist that we will be learning more about through our art lessons.



Spend the first 10 minutes of this afternoon reading. Remember to make a note of any reading that you do in your diaries, so we can see what you have been reading when you come back to school.



Our current science topic is 'Humans and other animals'. Try and cast your minds back to last science lesson where we began to look at food groups, balanced diets and nutrients. This afternoon, we will be carrying on with that learning and doing an experiment. Follow the lesson below and do the activities as you go along. 


If you aren't able to complete this experiment, you can watch the experiment being carried out in the video below in order to help you complete the activities. 

Science experiment.mp4

Still image for this video