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Tuesday 23rd November



Look at the WALT and APK first 


We are starting our new unit all about persuading people to come and visit Chilwell this week! 

First, have a look at the texts from a website that advertises Scotland - read them through and check your understanding first. Underline any words you do not know and use a dictionary (or Google!) to help you work out what they mean. 


The read the texts carefully and look through for ways that they try to encourage people to visit the country. What do they talk about? How do they use language to persuade people that Scotland is a great place to go? 


Underline these in the text: 

 - rhetorical questions (questions asked to the reader that don't need an answer)

- modal verbs (verbs such as must, could, should to persuade the reader) 

- sub-headings


Aut5.11.1 - Measure perimeter

Watch the video then work through the sheet below.