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Tuesday 26th January


Today we will be carrying on with our work on equivalent fractions. First watch the video below.

Spr5.4.3 - Equivalent fractions

You can either carry on with the questions you were working on yesterday, or move on to the reasoning or challenge questions.  Remember, you do not have to do every question.  



First, do your Activating Prior Knowledge task.



Today is the start of our writing cycle about experiencing an earthquake! 

For this lesson, take a look at all the documents below - there are some newspaper front covers and articles, and some photos that are all from a couple of large-scale earthquakes that occurred San Francisco. When you're reading/looking, try to imagine what it would have been like for the people living there at the time. The destruction was devastating a wide-spread; many homes would have been destroyed and lives lost. 


In your book, use each of the following headings as the middle of a mind-map. Write down anything you can think of as you look at the pictures and articles:


Sights and sounds

Thoughts and feelings