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Tuesday 26th January

Morning task

Have a go at the written addition this morning. We normally would aim for all of these questions done in 15 minutes but give yourself 15 minutes and try your best. Mark your own answers after. 




Set your book up with the date and title

Adding and Subtraction of Fractions


This is our second day reviewing these skills.


You can watch the videos from yesterday again.


If there are tasks you want to finish from yesterday, that is fine. Otherwise, there are some fresh tasks for you to try here today.


Remember, you don't need to do all the tasks:

- work on the colour that suits you

- mark your answers regularly (after 5 questions).

- move on when ready

- aim to spend about an hour on maths today.


Today, we are looking at answering questions using PQE. We will use the text Matilda, by Roald Dahl. 

All the instructions and resources you need are on the slides. 

What you need to do is carefully explained.

Here's the text that was missing yesterday - please read it and use it to fill in the rest of your character sheet for Miss Trunchbull. It should only take you 10 minutes. 


Today, we are working in the style of van Gogh and experimenting with line, tone, colour, shape and pattern. This week is practising the skills needed to create a final piece next week. Use whatever media you have at home, thinking about what worked well last week (crayons, paints, felt tips). 

Go through the slides and look at the examples to help you.

There is also a very useful video below which guides you through painting the whole picture. Remember, today you are having a go at a small section, it is not a final piece! 

Easy Step by Step Painting - Starry Night - Van Gogh🎨✨ Simple for kids and adults to follow


Listen to the next few chapters of Tom Palmer's short story. You will need this for tomorrow. 

Part 2 of The Question by Tom Palmer

Part 3 of The Question by Tom Palmer