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Tuesday 29th March


We are starting our recap of topics this week. Today, we are recapping negative numbers.

Watch the video to remind you of the methods that we use. (Don't worry about the completing the questions it talks about - we've already done these in class!) 


Instead, work your way through the questions below and remember to mark your answers. 

Aut6.2.4 - Negative numbers



We are carrying on with our recap of SPAG topics this week. Today, we are looking at punctuation.

First, look at the slides. These will give you some examples of pass SATs questions. Once you are confident with those, have a look at the sheet and complete.



We are moving on to Stage 3: Analysis. 

Have a look at the slides and then complete the sheet using the information that you have found out in the previous lessons. You can always do more research using Google if you are unsure. 

Use the slides to guide you.