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Tuesday 2nd February


NUMERACY - Compare fractions less than 1

First, work through the recap.  Then watch the video below and look at the slides to help you with the work.

Spr5.5.3 - Compare and order fractions less than 1 (first part of worksheet)

Watch the video first. Today we will be focusing on comparing fractions less than 1.

There are example questions on the slides to help you see how to carry out today's work.  The lsides also have further detail on the tasks below.



First, your Activating Prior Knowledge task:

Your writing this week will be about being caught up in an earthquake!


The text we looked at last week describes what it felt like to be woken by an earthquake, then going through the experience of it. It was 1st person and past tense so your writing needs to be too.


Use your plan, the example I have written and the text we looked at last week to help you to write – think carefully about how you start your sentences (use your fronted adverbials) and make sure you describe all that is going on around you.


The structure should follow the three ‘arrow’ boxes on the plan  - describing where you are and what happens as you realise there is an earthquake; describing what happens as the earthquake continues; describing what you do when the earthquake is over and what everything looks like.


You have 2 days to do this writing so don’t rush! Make sure you use the checklist (on the same document as your APK task) to check you have included everything you need to in your writing.



It's Week 4 in Music and there's a fun composer's challenge to have a go at today as well as a video and listening game...what are waiting for??!...