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Tuesday 2nd February

Good morning Year threes!

Please spend 10 minutes reading first thing this morning then have a go at this starter activity. 



Start by marking your arithmetic from Monday.




We are continuing with our work on money today and counting up pounds and pence. Follow the lesson slides below and watch the video when prompted. ​​​​​​​


Tuesday Maths.mp4

Still image for this video


Start today's lesson by completing the next sheet for either your word detectives or spelling work. If anyone is still unsure about this then please contact school or email year 3.

Simple and compond sentences
In this lesson, we will be revising our previous learning, exploring simple and compound sentences. We will look at what a sentence is and how sentences are made up of clauses and phrases. We will then discuss what a main clause is and how these are used to create simple and compound sentences.

Remember to use this to help you


Start this afternoon off by reading for 10 minutes then spend 10 minutes on TTRS.



Tasting lesson - yum!

This afternoon you will be tasting different vegetables in preparation for designing your own yummy seasonal soup. For those of you who are unable to do this, there is an alternative lesson below.

Click on the links below to read the WALT and success criteria and to complete the recap task. 

You will need to watch the PowerPoint presentation to help you understand the part of the vegetable that you are tasting.

Please make sure you complete this task with your parents/carers.

Alternative lesson for those not able to do the tasting task

Watch the PowerPoint presentation below and then have a go at the sorting task to help you understand which parts of the plants we are actually eating.

If you are unable to print these out, then just draw a simple table and draw or write the name of the vegetable in the correct place. Like this:

Seed Fruit Stalk  Root    leaves Flower

Challenge: Can you add any other vegetables to your table?