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Tuesday 2nd February

Morning task

Arithmetic - written multiplication.

Spend 15 minutes completing the written multiplication sums. Then check your answers after.

Use the multiplication grid in your diaries to help you if needed. 


Set up your page with the title:

Compare and Order Fractions

Then complete the recap (from the slides)


Today, we are continuing our review of how to compare and order fractions.

You can look at the slides and video from Monday again. Then, you can choose to continue with a task you were working on yesterday, or select what you need from below:


Explanations from yesterday - look back at these as much as you need to (the new recap is on these slides):


This morning, we would like you to write a character description for Miss Honey. She is a very different character to Miss Trunchbull! Use your word bank from last week (which has lots of ideas from the text) to help you. Below is a very simple example for you to use for support if needed. Follow the slides before you begin as there are lots of ideas on them.


Today, have a go at a final piece! This doesn't have to be the whole piece, you can do a small section, the background and the tree or the whole scene.

Think about what worked well last week. Stick to using just one media (just crayons, just feltips etc). 

Please send a picture of your final piece to the Year 6 email.

Easy Step by Step Painting - Starry Night - Van Gogh🎨✨ Simple for kids and adults to follow


Why not listen to another extract? Once again, we have this book in school if you'd like to read it. 

Aisha Bushby reads A Pocketful of Stars