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Tuesday 2nd March

Good morning lovely year 3s! How are you today?

To start with this morning, find a quiet spot to read for 10 minutes. Try and find something to read that you've never read before or wouldn't normally choose! Then have a go at the morning challenge:


This morning, please continue to practice interpreting and drawing pictograms and bar charts. Make sure you're taking care to be accurate.

Follow the lesson below and have a go at the question. 



Please start with your spelling activity.


Today we will continue to look at the leaflets that we studied on Friday. On Friday, you were looking mainly at the structural features. One of the columns said persuasive language, which is what we will focus on today. We are looking at how texts are made persuasive.

Start by clicking on the WALT/SC and have a go at the recap which will introduce a couple of the techniques.

Now click on the link below to show you 7 different devices to make you writing persuasive.  Keep a pencil and piece of paper handy to jot down anything you are asked to do. 
Now that you have learnt the 7 different ways to make your writing persuasive, you will be a detective and see what examples of each you can find.


Please spend 10 more minutes reading and spend some time on TTRS.



This afternoon, we are beginning a new topic all about East Anglia. This links to our work on Norfolk in Literacy and Book Talk. Follow the lesson slides below, reading the information carefully and have a go at the activities when prompted. All the maps and videos you need can be found below, as well as a link to Google Maps.

Please email us a copy of the activities you complete in Geography today! Have fun!

Regions definition

Places to visit in East Anglia