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Tuesday 2nd March

Morning task

Complete the arithmetic questions - written multiplication. Try and complete as many questions as you can in 15 minutes then mark your answers. 


Today we will continue our look at algebra. 


Put the title Using a formula part 2 in your book and work through the slides.


Everything you need is on the slides - explanations, tasks and answers.


Everyone will be looking at green today. Purple is here as well, but only for those of you who feel ready for it. You can go back and do more of yesterday's tasks if green is too tricky.


We will revisit more algebra when we are all back in school, so just have a good go. Remember to work on maths for an hour.


Today, we are going to be writing the first part of our biography about Henry Ford - the introduction and about Ford's early life.


Go through the slides very carefully and use the support sheet to help you if needed.

Your notes from yesterday will have all the information you will need. 


Today, we are learning about Christian festivals and symbols. Follow the slides carefully. There are a lot of questions on the slides. Have a think about each one but there's no need to write your answers down until you get to a task.

For the last task, you will need these sheets. You don't need to print them, just write a few key points for each symbol in your book. 


Spend 20 minutes reading your reading book. Remember to record it in your diary. When you return to school, we will be awarding credits for 3 reads each week.