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Tuesday 30th November


Watch the slides below and complete the sheets attached.


Use your plan from yesterday and start to write a persuasive guide on Creswell Crags. We have attached an example of our plan in case you haven't written one at home. We have also attached the original Skara Brae text that we looked at last week. Use this to help guide you on how to write your piece and what to include. Remember to include all the persuasive devices that are on your plan. Focus on the first half of your plan. You will finish writing tomorrow.




In Art today, we will be continuing to practice our shading in the style of our artist, Franz Marc. You have everything you need attached below. Please start with the PowerPoint outlining each task one by one and have a go. Make sure to really focus on where your shading needs to be done and as a challenge why not take on the extension task too.