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Tuesday 30th November

Happy Tuesday! 

Please start the day by spending some time reading a book, magazine or comic (remember to get your diary signed). You may even wish to listen to an audio story - there are snippets of David Walliams and Roald Dahl stories on Soundcloud.


Then, please spend some time practicing your times tables on TTRS - perhaps you could even send a few challenges to some of your classmates! 


Start your maths work by checking your answers to yesterday's addition and subtraction assessment. 

Start today's numeracy lesson by completing the 'Flashback 4' as your reactivating prior knowledge task - how much have you remembered? Then, we would like you to complete a lesson on the 2 times table. Watch the video, pausing it to solve the questions on the screen, then complete the questions on the worksheet. 

Aut3.9.4 - 2 times-table (1).mp4

Still image for this video

Extra hot challenge: Can you explain how we can use the 2 times table to help us solve a question in the 4 times table? 


For example, how can we use  2 x 3 = 6  to help use solve  4 x 3 = ?

Religious Education

We are now moving onto Stage 2 of our process model in RE - the investigation stage. Today we would like you to look at some popular Christmas symbols and consider what they mean to Christians. Have a look through the PowerPoint and stop at each image to consider the questions on the screen, then complete the worksheet attached. 


As you move through today's learning, keep our key question at the forefront of your mind: Has Christmas lost its true meaning?


At the end of the lesson, watch this video to help you consider what Christmas means to Christians: