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Tuesday 5th January

Our topic this term is 'Starry Night'. This will include artwork by Van Gogh, sci-fi texts written by H.G.Wells and science work based on light!


In maths, we are going to be carrying on with our work using fractions, decimals and percentages.


Try the Recap first: 

Next, have a look at the slides and then complete the tasks.


If you are in Miss Grave's maths group, complete all of the Red and Orange tasks. 

If you are in Miss Tabram's maths group, complete all of the Orange and Green tasks (but you might need to start at red first). 

If you are in Mrs Playford's maths group, start at Orange and work your way through to Purple. 


In Literacy lessons this week, we will be studying a text called 'Into the future' which has been adapted from the original text called 'The Time Machine' written by H.G.Wells. This is about a man who builds a time machine and travels to another planet. 


Click on your group's link and it will take you to the work that you will need to complete. (If you are in Miss Tabram's or Miss Graves' groups and finding it too tricky, you can always have a look at Mrs Playford's group's tasks instead). 




We are starting a new artist study today - looking at the life and works of Vincent van Gogh! 


Have a look at the Knowledge Organiser and see whether you know any of it already. 


Now, watch this video about Vincent van Gogh.
Then, have a look through the slides to see what your task is. You will need to use the information from the video AND the 2 information texts below to help you.  Also, you might like to print some of the pictures to add to your artist study.  Complete your task on A4 paper so that it can be stuck into your sketchbook in school. 

Here's a few examples for you