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Tuesday 5th October

Numeracy Round to estimate and approximate

Watch the video and use it to help you answer the questions on the sheet below. Think carefully about what you will round to. It's also worth remembering that you might have a different answer if you round to 10, 100 etc.

LITERACY - Room 13 Guided Writing

Today you will be starting your writing.  Your job is to begin writing your own version of Room 13.  Fliss and Lisa have snuck out of their room to find out where Ellie-May goes at night.  It is dark and creepy and they are waiting on the landing for Gary and Dave to arrive.


Read through the slides above and use the example plan and sentences to help you write.

The checklist (like the one you would normally use in school) is part of the slides.

RE - Expression

Now we have looked into all the different ways Sikhs can show commitment, now you are going to think about your own commitments.  Use the slides to help you think about your commitments and which are most important or take up most of your time.  You will present this as a pie chart!